I help working Moms (and Dads too) to move from feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and unraveled to towards a sense of serenity, peace, intention,  and joy.  My clients are busy, bright motivated parents who seek assistance in juggling their many roles.  (I also do work with clients who are not parents!)

I completed my Masters in Counseling Psychology at Lewis & Clark College in 1997, following undergraduate work in biology and psychology at Western Oregon State College. After graduating, I worked in several residential treatment agencies. During that time I worked as a therapist with children, adolescents, their families and their community support liaisons and as a clinical manager supervising and supporting the treatment team.

I began a part time private practice in 2001, obtained my counseling license (Licensed Professional Counselor in State of Oregon) in 2003 and shortly thereafter left agency work to focus full time on my private practice.

On a more personal note, My own family consists of my husband, my 18 year old son, 14 year old daughter, and 3 rescue cats who joined our family after a year of fostering many cats during the first year of the pandemic.   I enjoy gardening, camping, hiking, cooking, and many creative pursuits.    I am blessed to have the flexibility that owning my own business provides.  I have navigated the many transitions that first, one baby, then another, have brought.  I listened to many mama friends in various states of employment,  and I realized that moms who maintain a career along with all our other roles, have unique challenges.  I envision myself as a master juggler, tending to the current needs of my family, always prioritizing, triaging, planning, strategizing, facing the daily unexpected adventures as they come while staying present to the moment.  But I certainly could not do it alone.  I am blessed to have a supportive spouse, healthy children and many great mama friends, mentors and teachers.